First Chapter Free


03.03.2022 | 21 chapters

Her name is Alice. One day, she wandered into a crazy tea party. Alice, the leader of a popular idol group, found herself in an unknown forest. Little Red Riding Hood, Thumbelina, Snow White... T...

Kai -Samurai of the Dead-
28.04.2022 | 7 chapters

"The head of Isami Endo... Do you know about it?" Kai, which are weapons in the form of reanimated corpses, haunt the world... What will these men accomplish by manipulating the life and death of p...

Young and In Love Again
01.03.2022 | 12 chapters

"You're on myturf now." When a freak accident turns back the clock for a chivalrous yakuza kingpin, the newly young (and hot!) old man gets to take another stab at romance.

Isekai Influencer
30.05.2022 | 3 chapters

I was brought to this new world, and now I have to take interesting photos… but in order to survive, I have to use cheat skills to become strong!

Mafia Patissier
10.12.2021 | 7 chapters

"What's wrong with a guy who likes sweets wanting to become a pastry chef!?" Spinning my steel drill... I'll show you all, I'm the world's best pastry chef...!

Ghost-Hating Rebel & Horror-Loving Girl
01.03.2022 | 9 chapters

"Won't you please... create a manga with me?" The girl I fell in love with at first sight loves horror manga!? How will the love story of these opposite two unfold...?