Grandfather and I’s Case Files
27.05.2019 | 3 chapters

I (Nakadera Itsumi) lived in an institution after my parents passed away. Two years ago, my grandfather (Itsuki) came looking for me, just as I was about to be adopted by a certain well-off family....

Dragon Eye
25.11.2020 | 6 chapters

With the sudden outbreak of the "D Virus," all humanity was on the verge of extinction. Those who got infected turned into blood-thirsty monsters known as Dracule. Those who protected them from the...

A World with the Gods
03.05.2021 | 1 chapter

A young boy named "Kotaro" who is chosen under the "Blue moon" to become a "Guardian". Inherits the power of a God from 300 years ago that makes him a "Fallen God". The people who were chosen under...

04.05.2021 | 13 chapters

Hamilton Diver is a boyish girl who just wants to enjoy her youth along with her friends despite the thing that she is different from them or even from other people. And that was because of the mys...

04.05.2021 | 2 chapters

A young boy name Thomas, and his bro Eiji want Thomas to be his successor or be his "Right Handed Partner" to travel around to west. but Thomas didn't want to because of "Adam" is heading toward th...

Pathfinder: Akuma
04.05.2021 | 1 chapter

Pathfinder: Akuma is a story about the two long lost brothers (Iyone/Akuma) that's about to fight the demons as far as they can to protect their country. As the journey continue their path will col...

10 Years since then
05.05.2021 | 1 chapter

A 15 year old girl waking up in a ruined school building inside a classroom, wondering why everyone disappeared... She needs to find the answers by surviving on a world where humans are nearly exti...

Beyond the Blue Eternity
01.09.2021 | 2 chapters

Hideki Ken, A human who resides by the boundary of the Human world and the Beyond was cursed by fate to carry a burden that he didn't wish to have. Witness his adventure to bring back his humanity ...

The Chosen One: Mara Liu Chi
01.09.2021 | 4 chapters

Mara Liu Chi, a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in the mountains and sets out on a journey to become The Chosen One, the savior of Chinatown.

Rise of the Zodiac
07.09.2021 | 9 chapters

Legends has it that long ago, there was a great battle between light and darkness. Since that time, that great battle has never truly ended, with constant wars continuously fought over generations....

Keith and Jeremy's Mystical Mysteries
19.09.2021 | 3 chapters

Keith Davis and Jeremy Dubois are two talented, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed boy detectives, determined to make a name for themselves. They'll take on any case. Even the supernatural ones.

Cloud Jump
21.09.2021 | 1 chapter

After his mother's death, Nimbus finally gathers up the courage to set out on a journey to achieve her final wish.

The Legend of Destiny
23.09.2021 | 2 chapters

A story of a high school girl who discovered her true identity and sets on a journey to uncover her destiny in a mystical world. Read from left to right.

The Silent Hero
24.09.2021 | 1 chapter

After the assassination of the Royal Clan, Amelia is the only survivor, she is the daughter of the king that turned Lumeo Kingdom into a dark era . After hearing that her brother survived the assas...

The Space Highwaymen
28.09.2021 | 1 chapter

An out-of-this-world money heist, quite literally. A crew that consists of skilled individuals is assembled to rob every parallel earth's most expensive items. Led by a criminal mastermind named Ga...

The Seven Demon Slayers
28.09.2021 | 1 chapter

This is the story of 7 individuals who have to face their destiny and overcome it.

Cosmic Twins
28.09.2021 | 1 chapter

One day earth got covered by cosmic dust that came from an exploding supernova then every Living thing on earth had Cosmic super powers within them but it caused a huge tragedy because some people ...

Astro Slumber
29.09.2021 | 1 chapter

I am Gaia and this is my story on how I, the last hope of humanity, survived a very strange phenomenon— the universe fell into a deep slumber.

Beast Mod
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

In this world,there are many living creatures who live with humanity.All remains a mystery but there's one that everyone talks about.They said that if you encounter them, you'll die......And everyo...

Tales of Origin
30.09.2021 | 3 chapters

The story follows the adventures of high school students who found themselves in a dangerous and unknown world after being saved by a knight riding a giant eagle in the midst of the earth's catacly...

74 Powers
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

A prophecy was made, millions of years ago... That two individuals, would be the complete destruction of the Ngaki (the universe in its entirety.) Unbeknown to them of the power they hold inside -...

The Wizard One
30.09.2021 | 1 chapter

16 years ago a greedy wizard (Leo) tried to use the sacred book to restart the world but Leo did not succeed because his former friend Adam stopped him the last servant of the ancient who passed aw...

04.10.2021 | 4 chapters

When Silene - a young princess of Evenlea is accused of ordering the murder of her parents, she becomes the most wanted person in the kingdom. Condemned by the public, she joins forces with Rave - ...

Anime Universe
10.10.2021 | 1 chapter

Ace is an 18 year old boy who just graduated from high school. On his way home, he accidently stepped on a weird glowing yellow stone. He peaked it up. A car was going out of control right behind h...

Cruel's Throne
10.01.2022 | 1 chapter

Kingdom by kingdom faces they own problems and hindrance and find the people who's behind it as well, Furthermore The fallen kingdom arise once more to have revenge and share the pain to all kingdom.

The Legendary Annurin
10.01.2022 | 7 chapters

Ethorenn has lived his whole life in a secluded village. His father wants him to become the next village chief, but all Ethorenn wants is to explore the world. One day, a group of orchs attacks his...

Not Everyone's Hungry
01.03.2022 | 1 chapter

The world's resources are rapidly running out, posing a threat to human food supplies. Food scarcity has wreaked havoc on humanity, causing many people to suffer and die from hunger. Akihiro, a stu...

19.03.2022 | 34 chapters

Join Flik on his adventure to search for the Crystal Maiden and embark on a journey to seek the crystals to stop the new Dark Lord.

27.03.2022 | 1 chapter

Timespheres are 5 mystical orbs which awaken one's own dormant aura energy. Once an individual comes in contact with a Timesphere their life is forever change, for better or worst. Following the ...

Legacy Of The Sky
18.04.2022 | 14 chapters

What appears to be a simple quest, that two mercenaries have taken on, leads to a chain reaction of world-changing events in a time where strength is demonstrated to show power. Human evolution and...

20.04.2022 | 1 chapter

Ex-gang member Kidd suddenly got transported to another realm as he was in a brink of death! How can he go back to his world? Will he go back? Where exactly is he? Follow the journey of Kidd as he ...

The Wonders Around Him
04.05.2022 | 1 chapter

"The Wonders Around Him" is a comic series about a kid in an intergalactic, societal distant future is wandering around the universe on a mission to find his brother. With the help of his mysteriou...

Cruel's Throne
09.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Mysterious kingdom by kingdom faces their own problems

The Heart of Touqar - THT - English version
11.05.2022 | 5 chapters

In a faraway land of scorching, hot, arid desert called "Al Qayiza" -The Sweltering Land, the Bani al-Badr tribe gain their prosperity and livelihood by trading their intricately designed dagger sh...

Let's Get Abducted!
16.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Getting abducted by aliens? Sounds like a dream to eleven year old Luise! She is fascinated by researching U.F.O.s and extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately, one night the aliens chose to take her ...

What needs humor?
19.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Rex is the main character.. I guess so? Probably?

19.05.2022 | 3 chapters

When a free-spirited surfer boy of Siargao named Regan Oriel gets transported to the aquatic domain of Sitnalta and learns that he is both a kataw and a human, he sets on an epic journey in finding...

19.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Anna-Mei Sho is a Background Character in this series、when all of a sudden she gains the status title as Main Character when she tries to save the Manga's original protagonist、Manuel Gakoganji、in t...

20.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Giros is a cursed town and every year a mysterious letter falls from the sky bearing the name of the new sacrifice to the monsters called Bowies. Two orphan children, Leone and Theo are best of fri...

21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

The story is set from Creation and Destruction. Genesis the creator has been challenge by Revealation to survive the Punishment of creation which is the 9 Headed Beast. The story is divided into 7 ...

Turbulent Drive
21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

This is about an amnesiac man who became a Chevalier. After Grandmaster told him about the history of Hexes, he will find himself curious and somehow familiar at the events. He and his group will p...

22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Scaelum, an empire ruled by a lineage bestowed with The Gift of Immortality became a target to the "Spirit Conqueror" Apolaki who contracted a rare illness that slowly decomposes one's body. The ne...

Hello 1999!
22.05.2022 | 2 chapters

Dylan Rockwell is an astrophysicist, who created the first time ever Time Machine, but only works once back and once to the future. He, going back to the year 1999, has myriad reasons why, one is ...

King of Skies
22.05.2022 | 3 chapters

In a world of birds. The Strongest will be known as the King. A young Weka named Ikaru tries to thrive for survival.

Forbidden Jewel: Sorcerer's Stone
19.07.2023 | 4 chapters

The story focuses of the life of kaseya Shizuma, A boy who sets out on a journey along with his long time buddy Anzai to achieve their goals and Kaseya late mother's dream of finding the Forbidden ...

Death of a Crescent Moon
22.02.2024 | 2 chapters

Long ago demons roamed the earth freely, terrorizing humans. Humans were on the brink of extinction when a group of defenders arose. They pushed demons back to the demon realm and for generations...