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I Made Friends With His Wife Today
03.04.2021 | 1 chapter

My affair's wife came to my house the other day... I thought she'd murder me, but she came armed with an unexpected proposal instead!?

My Lucky Star
27.06.2020 | 6 chapters

To support his werewolf family, Kiyoto Ogami joined an Idol audition despite the risk of being found out as a nonhuman. Surprisingly, he was then chosen as one of the members of a promising idol gr...

Let's Shack Up!
12.02.2021 | 6 chapters

Uchida has been sharing a house with five other guys when Hiyori, his father's best friend's son finally join. Hiyori in Uchida's memory was pure and angelic, but the Hiyori who stands in front of ...

The Vampire and the Virgin Rose
11.06.2021 | 6 chapters

In a world where mankind and vampires live side-by-side, Yayoi can't ignore his feelings for his classmate, Chitose. Chitose is a pure-blooded vampire. Those feelings soon turn to action as the vam...