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Mad Bull 34
24.07.2021 | 7 chapters

A thrilling police violence/action series, from Koike Kazuo (original creator) and Inoue Noriyoshi. It was a very famous series that supported Young Jump (Shueisha) during its Golden Age, from July...

Paradox Mansion ~the truth of you will make you happy~
11.03.2021 | 10 chapters

"The truth of you will make you happy." Iruka Naru will unlock the secret pages of the Paradox Mansion residence by the freedom kiss! Trapped inside with 28 people all men cursed as an animal plush...

Kiss My Blood
19.11.2019 | 6 chapters

Attractive and mysterious. Shima Inoue enslaves all the students at school with his unique pheromones. He has a secret. It's that he's a vampire. If Shima sucks your blood, you become a slave to th...

Canon of Youth
17.05.2020 | 5 chapters

Canon of Youth: Hanada was once popularly known as a skillful euphonium player in high school, but he unwillingly quit music to help running his parents company. In high school reunion, Hanada me...

Accidental Love
08.08.2020 | 5 chapters

Accidental Love: The high-schooler Fuji has a bad habit of taking other's attention too seriously. When he misunderstood his workplace manager's observing eyes as love, Fuji experienced lethal he...